PUREAGEN® was inspired by the amazing effects of traditional herbal remedies, and believe that nourishing ourselves with a focus on gut health is central to healing our physical and mental well-being. Our mission is to help you live healthier naturally and restore a happier and more youthful you. We provide pure, safe, and effective collagen powder, water-soluble hemp emulsion, full-spectrum hemp oil and other beauty supplements and aim to educate and engage people about the natural and wonderful properties of ancient ingredients. Discover the powerful benefits of PUREAGEN® products to heal, protect and strengthen your whole body inside and out. 


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Give your body the much-needed healthier nutrients that are missing in your diet

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High quality full-spectrum golden hemp oil in many different flavours!

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Organic and pure skincare products that deliver and will enhance your natural beauty

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We have a variety of different beverages including herbal Teas and CBD Coffee.




    I have received lots of compliments off friends saying I look radiant and asking what product I have been using on my skin and I tell them pureagen collagen powder


    I am so happy that I can still get my HerbiGold 12% Lemon CBD oil from Pureagen. This is the best CBD oil I have ever used it helps me and my dad. Even better now its free shipping!


    Received my well packaged order within a day of placing, excellent customer service, always available to answer any questions that I had. Can’t wait to start my lemon flavour oil


    I love the strawberry, strength wise it’s just about right for me, it’s helping me a lot.

    Thank you Pureagen


    Love this product – water soluble cbd is fast and effective and goes nicely into coffee.

    You can feel it after a few minutes


    Hassle free ordering and delivered within 48 hours. I Highly recommend.

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Herbal remedies are often used as part of an alternative therapeutic approach to healthcare, such as Ayurvedic medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine. Herbal remedies are substances derived from plants, which are used as a way of treating and preventing various health issues. They can come in many different forms such as liquid drops, beverages or topical creams and balms.

Herbal remedies are often called ‘supplements’, as they are products which aim to boost your health and wellbeing in some way (for example drinking camomile tea to promote a good nights sleep). Pureagen® offer a range of supplements including CBD which is great for maintaining health and has proven itself as the most demanded food supplement of 2019. All of the supplements sold by Pureagen®  do not aim to treat, cure or prevent any diagnosed health problems.


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