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PUREAGEN® collagen peptides support bone & joint health

We all want to enjoy an active lifestyle and maintain mobility as we grow older, but as we age, our body produces less collagen. One of the visible signs of this is in our skin, however bones and cartilage also weaken with age. So it is important to be aware of your bone and joint health as early as possible. Collagen is the key structural component of cartilage tissue and maintaining sufficient levels is essential in maintaining healthy and flexible joints. The efficacy of collagen peptides and its ability to support and improve bone and joint health is backed by scientific studies.

Maintain healthy joints


A new study has been carried out in collaboration with a leading scientist, Dr. Janne Prawitt. The publication in the PLOS ONE scientific journal has confirmed the role of Peptan collagen peptides in supporting joint health. This study provides scientific documentation outlining  the reduction in joint and cartilage regeneration. 

Collagen peptides’ bioactive properties have been shown to improve joint function, flexibility, reduce joint discomfort and to support the formation of cartilage. Multiple clinical trials further reported that subjects with joint deterioration benefited from the remarkable effects of collagen peptides. In a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical trial, 94 women aged 40-70 with knee joint problems (osteoarthritis classification: 0-III) received 8g of Peptan collagen or placebo daily for a period of 6 months. 


Joint health

Joint inflammation, otherwise known as arthritis. The most common type of arthritis is Osteoarthritis (OA) which is a degenerative joint disease, associated with the breakdown of cartilage tissues. Inflammation of the joints plays an active role in driving the disease at an early stage. Osteoarthritis often occurs with excessive stress, an underlying disorder of cartilage or previous injury, The cartilage in the joints loose its elasticity and become stiff, which in turn makes the joint susceptible to damage and decreases its ability to act as shock absorber.

Supplementing with collagen peptides can support joint health by promoting the synthesis of new cartilage and to reducing joint inflammation. In addition to protecting from cartilage loss, collagen peptides supplementation may increase the number of connectives tissue in the cartilage. 

Bone health

Bones are living tissues that have provide support, and protection for the body, a function of storing important minerals, they are made up of 70% of calcium, and 30% collagen. Collagen gives it flexible strength, and the minerals ensure bones are rigid, providing weight-bearing strength. It’s when there is a lack of collagen and essential minerals that bones can become overly flexible, brittle and break. Collagen is essential for improving bone flexibility, which helps bones absorb impact. Cartilage weakens due to ageing and repeated movement, as a result, tendons and ligaments stretch, and bones rub against each other, which causes pain. Collagen provides the support for the growth and repair of new cartilage tissue, as well as relief from joint inflammation and pain. As a pure protein, collagen peptides work together with calcium and vitamin D to support bone health, so you can maintain an active lifestyle.


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