The difference between Isolate & full spectrum CBD

The difference between Isolate & full spectrum CBD: The Breakdown

In recent years, the public has gained an immense interest in cannabinoid oil, commonly referred to as CBD oil. CBD oil essentially provides the medical benefits of cannabis without the percentage of THC that is found in marijuana.  THC is the chemical compound in marijuana that provides the user with a mind-altering “high”. For those that simply wish to take advantage of the medicinal benefits, CBD oil has been extremely popular. However, when first entering the market for cannabinoid products, newcomers can easily become overwhelmed due to the wide array of products available. So what is the difference between Isolate & full spectrum CBD?

what is the difference between Isolate & full spectrum CBD?

the difference between full spectrum and isolate

Full Spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD is a product made up of CBD, as well as other cannabinoids and with a small percentage of THC. Legally equal to or less than 0.05% in the UK. Full spectrum CBD is referred to the whole of the plant, meaning that the CBD contains all other cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant including CBN (Cannabinol), CBG (Cannabigerol), and THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin), amongst others. As shown in the chart above, each cannabinoid offers different benefits for a well being. Remarkably CBD offers nearly all the benefits of each cannabinoid combined. So can CBD alone be as effective than a full spectrum CBD?


Isolate contains no THC whatsoever, and is simply a purified CBD that has been extracted from the marijuana plant, it has been isolated from the other cannabinoids. So what is the difference between Isolate & full spectrum CBD? Why would you wish to choose one over the other? The main reason is that Isolate has zero THC and will not show up on a drug test. Isolate products are commonly examined to be 99 per cent pure CBD when compared to full spectrum, it often falls short, as the lack of THC is not believed to deliver the full medicinal benefits.

The difference between Isolate & full spectrum CBD and Golden CBD Oil

For those who desire a potent and pure product, golden oil is quite popular. It is offered in different strengths
and is currently the best product on the market, a very strong competitor to an Isolate, it provides full spectrum CBD but more effective!
When entering the world of cannabinoid products, it is easy to get overwhelmed, but with the proper research, you will be able to choose the product that best fits both you and your lifestyle.